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Shay Manerikar 

Welcome - I'm so glad you've found your way here. It takes courage and vulnerability to reach out for support - and I'm here reaching back.

If you're questioning your identity, feeling overwhelmed by trauma symptoms, struggling in your relationships, or trying to learn more about your authentic self - know that you aren't alone in this journey and we can work together to help you find more ease, joy, and wellbeing in this life!


Take a look around my website and reach out to me with any questions - I hope that you can feel seen and accepted here.

I Can Help You With...

  • Identifying stuck trauma responses and trauma triggers

  • Building your capacity to respond to difficult emotions and regulate your nervous system

  • Reconnecting with your body 

  • Re-accessing pleasure and safety after sexual trauma

  • Exploring racial identity, gender identity, and sexual identity

  • Identifying gender euphoria, visioning your gender future, and accessing gender-affirming care

  • Setting boundaries that honour your needs and values

  • Practicing self-compassion

  • Navigating life transitions

  • Rediscovering hope and joy for the future

  • Finding out who you are and who you want to be

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